50KG Chrome Dumbbell & Barbell Set


Product Specifications:
0.5KG x 6pcs 
1.25KG x 6pcs
2.5KG x 4pcs
5KG x 4pcs
Chrome Dumbbell Bar(1.5KG) x 2
Detachable Barbell Bar(6.5KG) x 1
Spinlock x 6

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Product Description

Dumbbells and barbells are the most commonly talked about fitness equipment of all time and rightly so, as it is the cornerstone tool for all fitness and muscle building enthusiasts. 

These high quality Chrome adjustable weight-plates are detachable for your desired use, and comes with a handy portable case that allows for easy storage and fitness on the move.

You won’t want to leave this out of your muscle-building training program!